9 - 9.50am - 3-7 years old

10.10 -11am - 4-11 years old

11.20 -12.10pm -4-11 years old

12.40 -1.30pm - 4-11 years old

1.50 -2.40pm - 4-11 years old


- Our classes offer termly structures and a bespoke awards scheme to keep the classes varied and progressive 

- Small group sizes with great facilities and a friendly coaching team

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- Gymnasts will be required to wear their Max Whitlock Gymnastics t-shirts with either shorts, leggings or tracksuit bottoms or the MWG leotard

- No jewellery to be worn and long hair to be tied back 

- Only one bag will be allowed inside the gym 

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- Class fees are taken on a monthly direct debit on or shortly after 28th each month

- New members class fees may be pro-rated depending on when they join

- A yearly membership fee will also be required