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Max Whitlock Gymnastics Teaching in Schools Award - CPD

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Max Whitlock Gymnastics has been created by Britain's greatest ever gymnast, Triple World and Olympic champion Max Whitlock OBE. We firmly believe that Gymnastics is the best starting sport for any child.

Our comprehensive approach empowers teachers, promotes physical activity, and enriches students' experiences. With an accredited CPD course and an extensive gymnastics resource hub, we're here to elevate Physical Education whilst ensuring the positive impact continues to reach future pupils.


Max Whitlock Gymnastics for Schools upholds our vision of providing high-quality gymnastics PE lessons and school sport activities. With this program, we aim to empower teachers with the necessary knowledge, confidence and support to deliver excellent gymnastics PE lessons year after year.

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MAX WHITLOCK at the Tokyo olympics

GB's greatest ever gymnast, Triple World and Olympic champion

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"I believe that gymnastics is an exceptional sport for establishing strong foundations and enhancing children's physical literacy. It not only equips them with vital skills beneficial for their daily lives but also instills qualities that will serve them well in the future.

My aim is to empower teachers with the confidence, knowledge, and support necessary to provide ​high quality gymnastics PE lessons and sports activities in schools, making a positive impact on numerous children."

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