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GB's greatest ever gymnast

Revolutionising gymnastics in Primary Education: Tailored CPD and rich resources for unleashing every child's potential

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100 days to go | 100 schools | under £100

2024 marks the year of the Paris Olympic Games lighting up the world of sports! It's the perfect time for children everywhere to catch the sporty spirit, dream big, or even try out a new sport. At Max Whitlock Gymnastics, we're all about knocking down the hurdles to awesome sports experiences for as many children as possible.


We are extremely excited to announce that we will be selecting 100 primary schools to now be able gain full access to our comprehensive suite of resources! It's our way of helping teachers turn gymnastics classes into the highlight of the week!


Max Whitlock Gymnastics, led by Olympic champion Max Whitlock OBE, advocates gymnastics as the ultimate start for children. Our program boosts teachers' knowledge and confidence through a fully accredited CPD course and increases children's engagement through our comprehensive resources, revolutionising PE and extending its impact.

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Carefully designed lesson plans for each year group

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Comprehensive video resources to support lesson plans

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Flash cards to assist with children's
independent learning

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Skill breakdowns performed by Max

Our selection of packages are designed to cater to every school's unique requirements. Don't hesitate to contact us with any enquiries


Eileen Marchant, afPE PDB Chair

Eileen Marchant attended the Max Whitlock Gymnastics practical gymnastics workshop...


“…it was so gratifying to see the tremendous growth & progress delegates made from start to finish”


Max Whitlock Gymnastics thoroughly warrant their afPE Professional Development Board approval

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Lucy Supperstone, Director of Innovation and Standards - Leadership Skills Foundation

"The Max Whitlock Gymnastics Teaching Award is designed to build teachers' confidence, enabling them to guide children through the curriculum resources. This will then improve children's confidence in becoming more physically literate and use gymnastics as an inspiration for creating future movements."

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The Association for Physical Education (afPE) stands as the official subject association for PE across the UK, offering services and resources that are quality assured. They deliver valuable professional support to their members and the wider sector of physical education, school sport, and physical activity.

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The Leadership Skills Foundation is a prominent awarding organisation dedicated to the development of leadership skills. They bring these essential skills to life through practically applied qualifications and accredited awards across the curriculum and beyond, empowering people with the confidence, the qualities to lead and the skills to succeed.

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