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Fundamental gymnastics skills

Enhance your understanding of key gymnastics techniques, with videos offering clear demonstrations, vital tips, and progression ideas. These are perfect for reinforcing teaching knowledge and boosting confidence.

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Lesson plans

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lesson pack

Dive into our lesson packs! Enjoy 6 weeks of engaging lesson plans for each year group, available in both video and written formats for your convenience.

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& lots more

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Dive deep into motivational sessions, where Max shares his journey and insights to foster hope, ambition, and positivity. These videos are crafted to inspire and uplift young minds, sparking their passion and encouraging them to reach for their dreams.

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Take gymnastics further with our extra curriculum plans to elevate gymnastics within your school. Offering detailed guidance for impactful extracurricular gymnastics sessions.

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Discover our comprehensive 'Display and Competition Blueprints Catalogue,' meticulously designed to guide you in creating both supportive displays and competitive environments for children.


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Feature highlights

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Max Whitlock Gymnastics Teaching in Schools Award - CPD

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Extra curriculum lesson plans 

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Carefully designed lesson plans for each year group

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Ongoing support for teachers

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Comprehensive video resources to support lesson plans

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Exclusive Max Whitlock bonuses

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Flash cards to assist with children's
independent learning

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Skill breakdowns

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School display & competition blueprints

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Exclusive Youtube channel to combat inactivity throughout the holiday period​ 

Comprehensive Resource Hub

Our program offers a comprehensive resource hub that serves as a one-stop solution for all your gymnastics teaching needs. It provides a wide range of resources, including video lessons, downloadable plans, and flashcards, meticulously organised by year group. This hub makes it effortless for teachers to access and utilise everything necessary for safe and effective gymnastics lessons.

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Diverse Teaching Resources

To cater to various teaching styles and preferences, we offer an array of teaching resources. Alongside video lessons, we provide downloadable documents that complement these videos, giving teachers the flexibility to choose the best teaching approach for their students. This combination of video resources and downloadable materials enhances the overall learning experience.

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Expanding possibilities

In addition to structured PE lessons, we provide extracurricular lesson plans tailored to different ability groups, ensuring that gymnastics can extend beyond regular school hours. Furthermore, our program includes blueprints for gymnastics displays and competitions, allowing children to showcase their skills in a supportive or competitive environment. As an added bonus, we offer exclusive access to the "Gymnastics with Max" YouTube channel, a valuable resource to keep students active during school holidays.

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gymnastics in schools

"I believe that gymnastics is an exceptional sport for establishing strong foundations and enhancing children's physical literacy. It not only equips them with vital skills beneficial for their daily lives but also instills qualities that will serve them well in the future.

My aim is to empower teachers with the confidence, knowledge, and support necessary to provide ​high quality gymnastics PE lessons and sports activities in schools, making a positive impact on numerous children."

MAX WHITLOCK autograph


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