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Max Whitlock Gymnastics is excited to introduce an in-person CPD course tailored specifically for teachers in schools. This CPD program focuses on teaching fundamental gymnastics skills, including rolls, cartwheels, and handstands, to equip teachers with the expertise needed to deliver engaging gymnastics lessons while prioritising safety.

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"Today was brilliant. The steps and progression in the teaching of gymnastics were made really clear"

"I came away buzzing, great ideas to take back to school. Can’t wait to get started with my gymnastics sessions"
“Looking forward to using the techniques taught to practise/teach forward rolls and cartwheels”



Fundamental Gymnastics Skills:

We'll guide teachers through the essential gymnastics skills, ensuring a solid foundation in teaching these skills.​


Step-by-Step Preparations: 

We break down each skill into manageable steps, providing teachers with a clear understanding of how to prepare the children effectively.



Enhance student gymnastics skills with progressive techniques and structured learning. Identify strategies to challenge advanced students, promoting their growth and development.


Health and Safety:

Our program places a strong emphasis on safety and how to use equipment


Golden rules:

We provide the "Golden Rules" for these skills, ensuring correct skill instruction while using basic gymnastics equipment

What you'll learn
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Key information:

  • Available for KS1, KS2 & KS3

  • Suitable for all teaching staff

  • Duration: 2 hours


Following today I will use the skills I learnt in the gymnastics session to apply to starting a school club

Workshop attendee

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